Should Doctors Wear Neckties?

Neckties worn by physicians may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria and viruses that are transported from patient to patient. The British Medical Association made a decision in 2006 that doctors should forgo wearing neckties because they carry germs and bacteria. The American Medical Association is looking at the same issue.

Stethoscopes are draped across ties, patients sneeze on them and neckties are worn repeatedly without being washed. A study from 2004 at New York Hospital Medical Center at Queens showed half of the neckties worn by the study doctors harbored bacteria, including MRSA.

If an article of clothing has no function and may be contaminated, I say why wear it? I doubt that given the choice of a dressed up doctor vs a clean doctor, patients would choose the necktie.

Personally, I think we should all be wearing scrubs in the hospital and in the office. They are comfortable, professional and clean. I would welcome saving $$ on clothes and dry cleaning. Or what about the old Dr. Kildare look?

What do you think? Is it time for men physicians to lose the tie?


Jo said…
One of my worst doctors was the best dressed! Thankfully, he made a decision that made me find another doctor. Then he moved to Minnesota so he could be close to the Mayo HQ.
Anonymous said…
How about lab coats. The doctors at my hospital wear the grubbiest, dirtiest coats you can imagine. Ick!
Boz said…
yeah, I don't really think it serves any good purpose except keeping the "doctor" look. I agree that scrubs should be made standard in hospitals as well as offices.
tracy said…
My Doctor would be cute no matter what he was wearing.....i always wonder how he manages to keep his lab coat (i love that look!) so white and clean looking. He must have a closet full!
If the look does go to scrubs...please, a white undershirt must be included! No, i'm not shallow!
Jonathan said…
Follow the science, not the fashion.
KM said…
Cleaner,more sterile, and less germs is always a priority for me when being at the doctor's. But I love the designs and colors of ties and agree not good for them to be a germ dispenser with physicians,
I haven't worn a tie in nearly 20 years. Never imagined that I was so far ahead of the disease prevention curve!
Anonymous said…
Better than being operated on by a clown!!

I'm more surprised doctors in general don't cry out for change I mean it's they/them that needs the change.

Bit of malaria here chicken pocks there and boom you got cancer :P
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