What's the Diagnosis?

This 28 year old young man is generally healthy but has had this rash on his chin for the last week. What is the diagnosis? (answer will be posted tomorrow...make your best guess)

A. Streptococcal impetigo.
B. Staphylococcal impetigo.
C. Candida folliculitis.
D. Acne.
E. Rosacea.
F. Contact dermatitis.

(from consultantlive)


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Anonymous said…
It looks like Impetigo. Not sure if it is staph or strep.
Kerry M. said…
Kris said…
I think it is the strep form of impetigo. I thought I had read somewhere that the staph form usually causes the more reddish bulbous blisters on the rest of the body.
tracy said…
Contact Dermititis
tracy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
tracy said…
strepimpetigo......oops, ummmm, i cheated....
KM said…
I'm guessing A. Strep impetigo, but not sure if it is staph either.
Kamagra said…
well in my opinion this looks like a mix between a terrible acne, with infection and finally some kind of herpes, and don't gonna say from where came that herpes.
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He looks delicious, I think I could do it with him, specially with that "folliculitis" in his face. I just love this kind of guys... it's all about little acne isn't a big deal... come on people... he had a nice mouth, isn't? 23jj
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