Friday, February 26, 2010

Answer to Medical Challenge.

The answer to yesterdays Medical Challenge is...drumroll....
#4 - Intraabdominal Cancer.

The nodule is called a "Sister Mary Joseph's" nodule and is a lymphatic metastasis to the umbilical region. This 12 year old girl had decreased appetite, vomiting and weight loss. A CT scan showed a large pelvic mass originating from the ovary, hepatic metastasis, ascites and a mass through the umbilicus.

Sister Mary Joseph Dempsey (born Julia Dempsey; 1856-1939) was the surgical assistant of Dr. William J. Mayo of Mayo Clinic. She drew Dr. Mayo's attention to the nodule and he published the first article about it in 1928.


Kellie said...

Interesting learning. Do you the out come of any treatment and surgery they could do back then?

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