Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aspirin for Migraine Headache

There are many expensive and complicated treatments for people who suffer from migraine headaches but a new literature review shows that a single dose of 1000mg aspirin is effective for more than half of all patients. Compared with placebo, aspirin reduced associated symptoms of nausea, vomiting, photophobia (lights) and phonophobia (sounds) and made severe or moderate pain into no pain after two hours in 24% of patients. Fifty two percent of patients reduced severe pain to no worse than mild pain by 2 hours after taking the aspirin and headache relieve was sustained for 24 hours more often with aspirin than placebo.

For patients who have migraine associated nausea, adding metoclopramide aka Reglan (an old fashioned medicine that can even be used in pregnancy) to aspirin significantly reduced nausea.

This study, published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, is good news because it shows that inexpensive over- the -counter medication can help a large group of migraine sufferers. A normal size aspirin is 325mg and most folks don't take more than 2 at a time. For people with migraine headaches, it is worth trying 3 at a time to see if it will abort the pain.


David Warner said...

I thinks that if you are suffering from severe headache over a period of time then you must take Imitrex tablet. This medication is used to treat migraine headache attacks once they occur. This medication is not to be used for other types of headaches. One dose is taken by mouth at the first signs of a migraine attack.

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pilgrim said...

i had a migraine on saturday and first i took excedrin migraine, which is what i usually do. it works eh, so so, sometimes yes, sometimes no. inderal dropped my bp too much to use, and imitrex etc, just never were that effective.

the excedrin migraine has 250mg of aspirin, and wasn't moving the migraine at all, and i took my bottle of 81mg asa and shook out ten of them and bam, 20 mins later i looked around and said oh, hey, my migraine's gone! like magic.

thanks, doc !

sinus surgery Los Angeles said...

Yes there are many patients who use aspirin to reduce the pain temporarily though a more permanent remedy would be to change the lifestyle habits and have a regulated stress stress free life with regular medication.

kamagra said...

Large doses of salicylate, a metabolite of aspirin, have been proposed to cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) based on experiments in rats, via the action on arachidonic acid and NMDA receptors cascade.

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safe meds said...

Well yeah of course, usually i don't like to take drugs or pills but sometimes there's no choice that just do it.

By Viagra said...

This medication is used to treat migraine headache attacks once they occur. This medication is not to be used for other types of headaches.
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Jenny said...

Aspirin is not traditionally used to cure headaches. this is great news indeed. It is now time for doctors to recommend this to their patients.

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