Men With Penis Enlargement Banned From Police Work

Ok, leave it to EverythingHealth to bring you news you can use.  Look, I scour the health news so you can be up to date and informed without leaving the comfort of your computer chair.  Papua is the largest province of Indonesia and men there use a local technique to achieve penis enlargement.   They wrap the penis with leaves from the "gatal-gatal" (itchy) tree which causes the penis to swell.  When a man applies to the police force he is asked whether or not his organ has been enlarged and if it is, he is considered unfit to join the police or military.  The ban was applied since the unnatural size causes "hindrance during training", according to a police spokesman in Jakarta.

Many of the men in Papua New Guinea wear Penis Sheath Gourds for ceremonies.  I wonder how the police verify if a man has used the penis enhancer.  I can see how the gourd might get in the way of meaningful work but most likely it is a way of making sure the local natives do not get the plum jobs.


Anonymous said…
This custom is really interesting. We know all men in all cultures want enhancements like this but the Papau men take it to the extreme. Very funny and thanks.
Penis Enlarger said…
Very funny, but some men still want to enhance their manhood
Vigrx Plus said…
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Cowboy Bali said…
Wah bener2 info yg menarik nihhh... mantapfff !
E Xtenze said…
Police did it, but is that possible to stop it if there are many products and pills available in the market.
J.C. Webb said…
Well this is certainly very interesting. Very funny. Thanks for writing this entertaining artucle
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Tegan said…
Really very funny and nice post across me and every one.Men want to enlarge the penis and he is crazzy about the this. so how can possible to banned??

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Anonymous said…
Now we know where vuvuzelas come from.
Jelqing said…
very funny and interesting custom. thank you very much.
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