Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chin Slimmer

After yesterday's eyebrow post, I am on a cosmetic run. Here is a gimmick, "As seen on TV" , on which you should save your hard earned money.  The neckline slimmer claims to reverse the effects of aging without cosmetic surgery.  Simply hold this gadget to the chin area and it will exercise your neck muscles to reduce those jowls or sagging fat under your chin.  Just two minutes a day should do the trick, according to the commercial.

Unfortunately the effects of aging and loose skin cannot be reversed by jiggling the head or pressing the fat upward.  Weight loss can slim the face but sagging jowls probably needs cosmetic surgery.
Personally, I prefer candle lighting and light dimmers.


Viagra Online said...

It sounds really interesting because surgeries are very dangerous actually I'm thinking on buying it, so I hope it really works.

muebles mostoles said...

Oh my god, there's so much helpful info here!

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