The Pesticide Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit focused on public health.  We know that the long term consequences of eating chemicals from pesticides used on our foods is damaging to our health.  The EWG analyzed data from the FDA and  found that people who eat five fruits and vegetables a day from the dirty dozen are eating 10 pesticides a day.  We want people to eat more fruits and vegetables, but NOT to ingest more chemicals.  Rinsing reduces but does not eliminate pesticides.   What is the answer?  Rinse completely and buy the following foods organic when possible.

The Dirty Dozen:
  • Celery
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Nectarines
  • Bell Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Cherries
  • Kale/Collard Greens
  • Potatoes
  • Grapes (imported)
Summer is a great time to visit farmers markets.  Fortunately stores like Safeway are now stocking organic fruits and vegies.  Start with the dirty dozen and do your body a favor.

Got an iPhone?  Check out this site and download the shopper's guide to pesticides app.


I've always said that it's so expensive to eat healthy here, relatively speaking of course. Organic can really add up, so it's nice to have this list.

I'll try buying these organic and then roll the dice with the others not on the list.

Unfortunately, the farmer's markets in Dallas are just "ok" and often times, more expensive than the grocery store organics.
Toni Brayer, MD said…
Stop smoking help: Yes, I have found that organic is almost always more expensive, whether in the supermarket or direct from farmers.

But it really just adds up to pennies and knowing where the food comes from and that it is not loaded with chemicals (and e coli)is worth it. You are right to start with this list and go from there.
Mrs/Dr T said…
The relationship between certain pesticides (specifically those that are endocrine disruptors) and obesity is under investigation. No human studies as of yet (at least not published), but theoretical reasons to hypothesize that such chemicals may affect cell signaling or certain receptor classes in such a way that favors weight gain. The Endocrine Society released a position statement on this in 2009. Just another reason to choose organic!
BrainDame said…
Great post-thanks. Nice to reinforce how important eating local and fresh is-here is a list of foods that should be "healthy" but are being spoiled by our "big farming" culture.
Toni Brayer, MD said…
I am deleting spam ad comments!
Tiffany jewelry said…
You have given good information about organic food and it is god list of the dirty dozen.I did not know about that information of pesticides.
I eat lots of celery and bell peppers.

The Environmental Working Group is a nonprofit organization based in health.They public knows that the long-term use of chemical pesticides used in food is harmful to our health.
auto collision said…
Summer is an ideal time to visit farmers's markets. Fortunately stores like Safeway are storing fruit and vegies. Start with a dozen dirty and make your body a favor.
Credit Repair said…
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The Pesticide Dirty Dozen are Juicy peach received top points for having highest pesticide load of all the items test, by apple, Sweet bell pepper, celery, nectarine, strawberries, cherries, kale, lettuce, grapes, carrots and pears.
You have done a marvelous job by exploring this subject with such an honesty and depth. Thanks for sharing it with us!
It is good article you posted. As well as it enlarge my knowledge on this subject. Like to appreciate for great guide.
Thanks for this healthy informative blog...Pesticides are really playing havoc in so called third world countries and India is one of them with big illiteracy rate. I hope this blog reaches the maximum number of people and they spread this to maximum number of people.
Absolutely an eye opening fact...Organic food are making their way to stores now and hope to get stores filled with them for a healthy life.
clean credit said…
Thanks for posting the list. Everyone should be growing vegetables in a small garden. Not only is it better for you but tastes better too.
Absolutely an eye opening fact. We only buy Organic fruits and vegetables nowadays. They are more expensive but I guess they are worth it in the long run!

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