Saturday, September 25, 2010

Musings on ESP

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) is defined as reception of information not gained through the recognized senses but sensed with the mind.  Other terms are psychic abilities or precognition or even a "hunch" or gut instinct that can't be readily explained.  Haven't we all had experiences like that?  The scientific evidence is weak and inconsistent,  but this morning's events are causing me to ponder about it again.  Here is what happened:

I was slowly getting dressed and doing early weekend chores while waiting for a notary public to come to our house to sign some loan documents.  I have some neat Massai bracelets that are a remembrance of the wonderful Massai warriors that we hosted from Kenya over the past few years.  I haven't thought about or worn these bracelets for over a year.  This morning I put them on my wrist in a cluster.

Imagine my surprise to find that the Notary was a young woman from Nairobi, Kenya.  When she saw me she said "Oh, you know a Massai."  Wow.  Why did I decide to wear those bracelets today?  Random coincidence or some type of precognition?

A number of animal studies have shown that dogs know when their keepers are within miles of coming home.  Their behavior changes and they will go to the window or door.  Could we have some of those same "intuitions" that are not  completely gone from our genes?

I definitely subscribe to the rapid cognition thinking that Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in Blink.  It is the thinking and decision making that happens in an instant and of which we are not consciously aware.  It influences our choices or thoughts and we don't even know it.

But this is a little different.   My morning experience with the lady from Kenya and my beautiful Massai jewelry choice happened before I saw her or had any knowledge of who the notary would be.  What do readers think?


becomingkate said...

Recently while driving around on errands, I started thinking of this woman that once confronted my parenting skills when my daughter was 17 months old. I thought, "if I ever see her again, I'll thank her."
I parked in front of bank and got my wallet, left the car and started into the building. The woman I had just recalled was leaving the bank. It was the first I'd seen her in nineteen years!

Healthandbeautysecrets said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes. I do believe in this type of intuition.
I am not a very touchy feely type of person but this has happened to me numerous times. I will be talking with someone and during the middle of the conservation, I will reach out and touch them while and it's always on an area where they were either recently injured or had surgery (and they are not wearing any kind of brace or indicator). I have no idea why I do this since I don't regularly reach out physically to people.


Michael Kirsch, M.D. said...

I think I would like you to give me some stock tips!

Raymond Bouchayer said...

It never misses . If I have a ring on my right ear and then a ring on my left .....the phone rings ...What I have figured is that right ear ...someone is thinking about calling me , left they are calling. !

tracy said...

Wow. All i can say is what a cool experience, Dr. Brayer and becomingkate. i wish for this to happen to me. In a good way.

M.scott said...

I would call this an extraordinary coincidence, but not ESP unless you also experienced some type of deeper "psychic" connection or sensation when you met her in person...but as the Bard pointed out, there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy.

We all connect in ways we still don't fully comprehend.

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish! It was a coincidence. How many times do you put on some jewellery and then NOT meet someone who has some connection to it? But you never talk about those times, right?

By the way, the "psychic pet" claims have been thoroughly investigated, and each time disproven.

Sceptical Londonder

buy oem software said...

I like this ESP. Its looks extraordinary coincidence. I attract by that. I like different colour. I impressed by that.

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