Answers to Derm Quiz

Scroll down to see the photos and here are the answers. If you cant see the images in the previous post, click on "EverythingHealth" and you'll see the entire blog.

#1 - Actinic Keratosis - these dry crusty bumps are on sun damaged skin and can be either flat or raised in appearance.  They occur after long periods of sun exposure and damage.  They are not life threatening and can be treated with freezing (cryosurgery), excision or chemical peels.

#2- Basal Cell Carcinoma- this is the most common type of skin cancer and can usually be cured by removing it.  They also occur in sun damaged skin.

#3- Solar Lentigo- This is a large freckle caused by the skin damage from UV radiation (sun).  They are also called sun spots or liver spots or age spots as they occur in people over age 55 after years of sun damage.

#4 Squamous Cell Cancer-This is the 2nd most common skin cancer and it also occurs with sun damage. Men are twice as likely to have SQ cancer.  Most are curable and they do not metastasize but they can spread and cause large areas of damage to the skin.  Any non-healing sore on a sun exposed part of the body (ears, lips, nose, face) could be a squamous cell cancer.

Nobody got them all right. 
Doctors love skin pics.  Here is a site with lots of skin pics.


KM said…
I can rembember feeling the pain like her sunburn in this photo.
I see a lot of these at the beach, all are tourist coming from cold climates getting tan in one day ! the trouble beside SK is that after the burn it peels ,slow exposure and keeping a tan is actually a protection against SK . And our body needs vitamin D .something that most people are deficient in.
Yikes! Regarding photo, is this a family friendly blog?
Toni Brayer, MD said…
MichaelKirsch,MD: I didn't know you were so sensitive to a little flesh.
I have just put 'parental controls' on Everything Health!
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