Answer to Gory Medical Challenge.

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The Answer to the gory image from NEJM is #2, Ischemic gangrene.

This patient had a 4 month history of progressive gangrene.  Untreated diabetes can lead to lack of blood flow to extremities which causes the tissue to die.  This foot will require amputation.  Readers of EverythingHealth are smart and many of you got the answer.


tracy said…
Bring on the gore!!
Toni Brayer, MD said…
tracy: Thanks, I will take that as permission for 2011 blogging.
KM said…
The gorier the better and more interesting!
Chemist Direct said…
Yes I absolutely agree with Tracy. Bring on the gore!!
Sylvester said…
It cannot have effect as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I suppose.
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