Friday, March 4, 2011

Guys React to Vasectomy

Essure has an effective way to market their new permanent birth control device.  Make a humorous video that shows how some men view vasectomy and leave it to the women. 

Previously there were only two methods for voluntary permanent sterilization...a male vasectomy or female tubal ligation.  Of the two, vasectomy is the cheapest and safest.
(Fatalities per 100,000 tubal ligation - 3.51  cost $2,500     Fatalities vasectomy - 0    cost $750-850)

Essure is a newer technique of inserting coils in the fallopian tubes without surgery to block them and create permanent, non-reversible birth control.

This creative marketing campaign is aimed at women.  Not much has changed when it comes to who takes the ultimate responsibility for contraception.  It has always been the woman.   Essure is one more tool for us to consider.


Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

I actually found this ad to be quite offensive and potentially harmful.


Dr. Cory said...

Wow...that is GREAT "marketing" by virtue of its truly offensive message. As soon as men know there is yet another way to force the accountability for reproduction on to women, they can shirk their responsibility all together and Essure will make a fortune.

What would happen if men were duct-taped to a chair and forced to watch one obstetric delivery after another...can you say 4th degree rectal tear? Forceps? Or better...make sure they get front row seats for a c-section, too. Whip out the cautery, baby, and smoke that womb! Oh, I know! Using the logic of this ad, they'd be on their knees saying, "Baby, I see the light, and I'm so grateful for everything you've gone through to make sure we have a family that I am going to pay to have coils shoved into your fallopian tubes!"

Let's diregard vasectomy as still being easier, faster, safer, cheaper. It's subsequent success can be confirmed with a test that involves a sterile cup and a porn magazine...poor dear!

I can hear a nation of women sighing upon seeing this ad, rolling their eyes in resignation, and, whether they admit it or not, losing some respect for their men...and for themselves. Essure has just given them one more mountain to climb, one more argument to have when they are trying to take a firm stand for their OWN protection and a sense of shared reponsibility with their partners. The message is "Give up girls, your men are boys." We all lose...

As a business owner, I have to tip my hat to the ingenious marketing strategy. As a woman and physician, I can't begin to describe my disappointment and outrage. Mission accomplished, Essure.

Kellie said...

I wonder what the percentage rates of infection and pain are? This sounds like a similar technique that is used to prevent brain aneurysms from rupturing.

Anonymous said...

That ad is so ridiculous. I am a 48 years old male, and after 4 kids and a talk with my wife, I went for the vasectomy. It was a piece of cake, and the best decision to take. My wife endured enough, with 4 pregnancies. I agree with Dr Polaneczky, the ads is potentially harmful.

Robert - vasectomy-proud.

Douglas said...

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