Japanese Hospital Provides Disaster Care

Senen General Hospital was hit hard by the Tsunami in Japan, but it continues to provide care for patients even though there is no electricity or running water.  The hospital is located between a river and the coast and it was flooded on the first floor when the giant tsunami hit the neighborhood. The basement held the boiler, electrical room and other machinery.  The kitchen was ruined and there is no heat in the hospital.

Most of the staff lost their homes and now live in shelters, yet they are working round the clock to keep patients alive.  To combat subfreezing temperatures, the staff pours hot water into plastic juice bottles and tucks them around patients.  The nurses hand feed patients cold meals by the light from windows. The six story hospital lost one wing and the ground floor in the earthquake and flooding.  Patients have been clustered together, buried under mounds of blankets against the cold.

The hospital had about 200 patients when the earthquake hit and many of the patients have been transferred out.  On Sunday there were 52 patients left who had no relatives and were to sick to be moved.

Overall, Japan has responded amazingly well to this enormous natural disaster. The area most affected was rural and was already suffering from a shortage of doctors and nurses.  Japan is a wealthy, industrialized nation that prepares for emergencies like this, but the magnitude of the earthquake makes it almost impossible to be fully prepared.

The resilience of the Japanese medical teams is quite amazing and we are seeing some of the same selfless acts we saw in Haiti after the earthquake.  Japanese doctors and nurses, like the Haitians,  are putting their own needs aside and show their dedication to their patients.  It is inspiring to watch.


What an amazing and inspiring group of people. It is a story of such hope.
Kellie said…
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soup diet said…
I feel pity for those people of Japan. Let's help the people of Japan. Praying will do, but helping hands will be a lot better.
Jan said…
The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California is accepting checks to help the tsunami victims. One hundred percent of donated funds will be used to help the citizen relief efforts in the most affected areas. Call at (415) 529-1322 or email jcccncearthquakerelief@jcccnc.org
In this type of situation we all people must help each other so that we can stay connected. They have really proved great and inspiring group of humanity.
Jonathan said…
Speaking of dedication, how about The Associated Press report that "The staff has been amazing. Some are living in shelters and others ride their bicycles three hours to report in," says Dr.Satsuki Ishigak.
3M respirators said…
Its such an Appreciated one.I can see here the Japanese community who fight against with this Disaster.And this Disaster Care is also the best thing.I like your blog.God bless them all.
tour near Spain said…
I feel very sad after see this post. I pray to god. And We must do help Japan people. We must remember than every problem come with solution.
Quite worthwhile piece of writing, lots of thanks for the article.
Aaron said…
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