Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aqueduck for Kids

The management (that would be me) at EverythingHealth gets lots of solicitations for product review and placement.  I decline most of them,  but I did say yes to a nifty little device for kids called Aqueduck.  I figured I had a build in tester in my little grand-daughter.   We all know that hand-washing is the best way to prevent colds, flu and other infections.  Anything we can do to make it easy for little ones to scrub their hands has got to be a good thing.

My test case of one adorable 2 year old returns with a big thumbs up  for Aqueduck.  It may not be a scientific study, but the reviews were positive.  Mom says the Aqueduck extender was easy to install on the faucet and it is fun to use with water gently guided where it should be; over the hands.

At an affordable price of $12.99, Aqueduck delivers on making hand-washing fun and accessible for toddlers.


Dreambox 500s said...

Really nice. I like this. It can be make easy for kids to washed hands.

Linda Leighton said...

That's cool!!

anthony morrison said...

It's really very great for Kids. It's very good stuff for Kids. I like the Aqueduck for Kids.

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