Elbow Bursitis


My lovely 87 year old patient took a tumble and sustained some bruises a few weeks ago.  Fortunately she had no broken bones but she did land on her right elbow.  The elbow swelled up and was tender and warm to the touch.  The fluid was drained and it was bloody.  In her case the fluid reaccumulated.  Now several weeks later this is what it looks like.  It is cool to the touch and not tender.   It feels like a ripe avocado or heirloom tomato...filled with fluid.  She is able to flex and extend her arm with no problem.

She has olecranon (elbow) bursitis.  In this case it is from trauma and bleeding under the surface of the skin. It has persisted because I caught her leaning on a walker with her forearms and pressing on this area. 

Olecranon bursitis is common and usually it will resolve.  It is important to watch for infection, increased pain and warmth.

Thanks to FP for allowing her elbow to be the teaching case of the day.


gradydoctor said…
Thanks for sharing. That is impressive! Hope FP feels better.
Mingle said…
Poor woman! I hope she gets better soon!

Thanks for sharing this. One of my old high school coaches had a similar case but to his knee...I don't remember the circumstances well anymore, but it also persisted most likely due to the fact that he kept moving around normally and putting too much weight on the knee.
r4 said…
This is really bad disorder. She definitely suffered with much pain. I wished she will get well soon.
Poor Lady , I hope that she recovers quickly
muebles madrid said…
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