Insurance Hall of Shame Award

I am giving this weeks Shame award to Cigna HealthCare.  They are most deserving for their insurance product that someone actually pays for.  I do not know what the monthly premium is but I would sure love to know.  The physicians bill was $306.00.  Of course the insurance company paid zero.  This is not unusual at all.  First they disallowed some of the bill as "Not Covered/Discount."  The remainder...$220.14 was applied to the patient's deductible for 2011.  So far Cigna has applied $3,584.30 toward the deductible in 2011 for this patient.

Do you think the patient will reach the deductible in 2011?

The annual deductible for this patient is $99,999.00.

No that is not a typo.  Enough said?

(Thanks to my colleague JS for sending me the provider explanation of medical benefits report)


Anonymous said…
Why bother having them for ins. at all?
Interesting. If the premium isn't much, it's worth it just for the network reprice...
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Vitamins Online said…
It is hard to believe that this is allowed at the same time we are listening to incompetent politicians telling us how hard they are working to lower health insurance costs.
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xl pharmacy said…
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This won't really have effect, I consider like this.
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Bryce said…
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