Answer to Medical Challenge

The answer to yesterday's medical challenge is....drumroll.....

#4 -  Sugar

Plain granulated sugar can be applied to the mucosa of the prolapsed structure (such as the ileum in this case) to promote the osmotic shift of fluid out of the edematous tissue.  In this case, within 2 minutes, the edema had diminished sufficiently to allow spontaneous reduction of the prolapse.

Thanks to all who made guesses.  Brilliant  readers, all of you!


KM said…
Thanks for the interesting challenge
and education on it.
gradydoctor said…
The ONLY reason I didn't answer is because I'd already gotten it WRONG on the NEJM site! :)

Thanks as always!
Toni Brayer, MD said…
gradydoctor: You are an honest reader. I got it wrong too...over and over.
KM: You're welcome
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