Real Food Doesn't Need Hype

The article from The New York Times about "Foods with Benefits" is a great read.  (Don't click this post first and then read the article).  It talks about what consumers are seeing at the grocery aisles as well as in advertising.  Food is being packaged and advertised as a miracle for good health.  They say certain foods can lower cholesterol, fix irritable bowel, cause weight loss or act as an antioxidant.  The large food manufactures like Kellogg, General Mills, and Dannon advertise packaged foods and exaggerate their claims.  Since everyone in America now knows that our diets are unhealthy, these appeals to eat more healthily have a big audience...$37.3 billion big for foods that "improve body function".

So this gives me a chance to promote something that I have no financial interest in what-so-ever.  We just bought a Vitamix at Costco and this one electronic machine is going to save us thousands of dollars on juice, smoothies and other "healthy" foods.  The Vitamix looks like a blender but its industrial high speed action allows fruits and vegetables to be blended to smooth perfection.  There is no need for processed foods or sugar additions.  Most of a persons shopping can be done in the produce aisle and natural sweeteners like Stevia (and vanilla stevia...yum) make a any drink delicious.

I know I sound like a commercial but imagine starting your day with a drink that contains a handful of spinach, some apple, kale and grapes.  No waste or pulp and the vitamins are intact.  That is what the Vitamix is doing for my family.

The Vitamix is expensive but lasts for years and you'll never go to Jamba Juice again. 

Michael Pollan says "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."  Our personal health cannot be separated from the health of the food chains of which we are part.  The American supermarket is a confusing place and made more so by deceptive advertising and product placement.  It shouldn't be so hard to eat well.  Perhaps we just need to simplify it a bit.


mahjong said…
Foods are very beneficial for our Health. Eat fresh food and green vegetables is also useful for better health.
carmelisa said…
I agree! It blends SO well, I accidently dropped one peach pit into my husband's smoothie. He though the very tiny bits were kiwi seeds! Great for soups too!
Vitamins Online said…
Thanks for sharing this. The American consumer needs to be aware of everything they can do to eat a healthier and more nutritious diet.
Dr Paula said…
I LOVE my Vitamix. I have had it for 12 years and use it almost every day. I remember 12 years because we bought it to make baby food when our son was born.
Anonymous said…
I can see the plus points, but I have to quibble with your claim that it fits in with the "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." ethos.

The "Eat food" part exhorts us to eat stuff that our grandparents would have recognised as food. I doubt if our grandparents ever sat down to a breakfast of spinach, apple, kale and grape, blended to a tasteless goo and then sweetened with a herbal extract.

I'm not saying that negates vegetable smoothies as a health food, but don't try to pretend it's something that it's not.
Esther said…
Is the Vitamix different from a blender? I have an ancient, incredibly durable blender which I've used for smoothies and a lot of other stuff for years.
hdmi cable said…
Real food will do more to support your health. It's all natural and so far doesn't have any side effects. I was initially raised on real food.
Toni Brayer, MD said…
Anon: it fits because few Americans actually eat the recommended minimum of 5 fruits and vegetables a day. How many of us eat kale, carrots, spinach and other nutrient rich veggies daily? The green smoothies are hardly goo and no artificial sweeteners are needed. Add apple or grapes and voila! Delicious.

Esther: I was unable to get my blender to work this effectively with vegetables with no waste. If yours does-great.
A friend of mine came across a dilemma with displaying real food. The main issue is how to preserve said food. I came across with the idea of resin, but was wondering if there are any other more efficient means to do so. The main food(s) that are attempting to be preserved are deli meats for display in a large grinder. Thanks in advance.
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Green vegetable are very good for health. They contain all type of vitamin and nutrient in it. And did not having risk of unwanted weight gain. Green vegetable give healthy life to us.
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