Answer to Yesterdays Medical Challenge

The answer to yesterdays medical challenge is #5-medial nail dystrophy due to trauma.  Here is another photo that is from chronic picking of the cuticle and pushing back the cuticle.

The other answers were good guesses but none of them cause the median (middle of nail) changes.  Traumatic dystrophy from nervous picking is actually quite common.  Other traumas to the nail bed can cause the nail to grow abnormally.  If the nail matrix is damaged, the nail will not grow out normally.

Thanks for the great and astute guesses.


gradydoctor said…
Awww maaaaannn! How did I miss the EH challenge??? You know how much I love when you post these.:) I got behind on your blog and saw the answer before the question! I don't think I would have gotten this one, Toni. Maybe by exclusion. . . .naaaahh. . .who am I kidding. I just said to myself, "It's bilateral so I never would have guessed chronic, self-inflicted trauma." Damn, that was some hard core cuticle pushing!

Hope you're well!
r4i said…
Nail dystrophy caused by habitual external trauma to the nail matrix. Nail dystrophy is a condition where the nail is severely damaged.
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