This Weeks Medical Challenge

This weeks challenge is from Consultant Live.  This 56 year old man was noted to have these thumbnails at his physical exam.  The remainder of his nails were normal.  He denied trauma and worked as a banker.  What is the diagnosis?

1. Psoriasis
2. Vitamin K Deficiency
3.  Lichen Planus
4.  Onchomycosis (fungus)
5. Median nail dystrophy due to trauma

The answer will be posted tomorrow.  Click on comments and let me know your diagnosis.


Looks like fungus I had years and years ago. It was in 1961, after thalidomide scare over taking drugs while pregnant, so I could use only alcohol on cotton ball to soak it.
looks just like my husband's psoriatic thumbnails...
Molly said…
Median nail dystrophy due to traums
Looks like nail changes due to psoriasis.
pfdfyrfytr said…
nail dystrophy due to trauma
Anonymous said…
J said…
median nail dystrophy, trauma may have been as simple as "picking" at cuticles.
muebles leganes said…
Quite effective info, lots of thanks for the article.
Anonymous said…
Due to nail bed trams

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