Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Diets

I'm just back from a safari in Tanzania and experiencing the culture, the animals and the beauty of that Country was a thrill.  Seeing how some of the traditional Massai and other African natives live reminded me of a fascinating comparison of how families around the world eat.  Check out Time Magazine's comparison photos from the book "Hungry Planet".  
One week diet for the Revis family of North Carolina

One week diet for the Aboubaker family in Chad

The Massai villages we saw were extremely impoverished and we were told they do not eat any fruits or vegetables.  I don't know how that is possible.  They have no water or electricity.   They walk miles daily to find water holes and one village has no water at all and needs to bring it in. (We paid $50 to visit the village and were told that money goes for water).

The Zebras, however, all are fat

This giraffe sucks on a bone to get calcium

This pair would rather mate than eat right now


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fascinating. Looks like a great trip.

Marie said...

I think Nightline last night showed a nonprofit that connects girl teens in US with girl teens in Africa who walk for 8 hrs to get water in jugs for their family and then carry the jugs back on that 8 hr walk. It'a all about girls realizing their power. Your trip sounds fascinating. Thanks for bringing us your observations and insights. Looking forward to more.

www.mueblesbaratos.nom.es said...

No doubt, the writer is completely right.

www.muebles3d.es said...

It cannot really have success, I suppose so.

Malachi said...

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