Image Challenge

Here we go again where you get to be the diagnostician.  This young boy presented with a non-tender mouth lesion that developed with no known trauma or cause.  Can you guess the right answer?
Click on the image for a better view and then make your choice in the comment section.  Return tomorrow for the answer and bragging rights if you get it right.
1. Dermoid Cyst
2. Hemangioma
3. Mucocele
4. Mucosal neuroma
5. Pyogenic granuloma

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KM said…
I think it is #2-hemangioma. The baby I babysat when I was younger had a very large lump on her forehead that I think was a Hemangioma which I have not thought about for years till I saw your challenge. She had to have it surgically removed and last I heard about her she was in medical school.
Can't wait to see the answer.
Anonymous said…
Non-tender? Mucosal neuroma.

Anonymous said…
I have no idea. It would just be a guess. Love thee quizzes.
Mel said…
I guess # 4 as well.
Anonymous said…
Answer is mucosal neuroma... mucocele is usually found on lower lip, no history of trauma would rule out hemangioma, pyogenic granuloma is usually found on alveolar mucosa in pregnant women, and I am 99% confident its not a dermoid cyst (i dont see any hair).


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