This Weeks Medical Challenge

I know this will gross some of you out, but, hey folks, this is the wondrous human body!  (click on the image for a better view)

 Here is a hint:  These lesions are not tender and variations of this photo are quite common on men's scrotums.

Take your best shot at the diagnosis and make a comment.  The answer will be posted tomorrow so check back.  (Sign up on the right side of the blog as a subscriber and you will get an email link with each new post)


Number 3 , could be some kind of Calcium deposit....
gradydoctor said…
scrotal calcinosis.

hidradenitis hurts. oncer-whatchacallit is likely some kind of worm, epidermoid cysts don't look like that. plus that sounds the most benign to me! my final answer!
LeRoi Johnson said…
LeRoi Johnson: (S)he used a paper towel with turpentine to clean up spilled paint and put the towel in her front pocket, soaked in turpentine.
KM said…
Your hints help. I vote for #5 - scrotal calcinosis
Toni Brayer, MD said…
LeRoi Johnson: Do you really mean "she"? said…
In my opinion everyone must browse on this.

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