Medicine Prices in 1900

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This looks like a pretty good deal.  Physicians in attendance, large, well ventilated rooms and food.  Medicine and nursing by caring nuns included.  All for $7-$10.00 a week.  If that is too expensive you can opt for a ward for $4-$6.00/week.

Of course, you will likely be prescribed arsenic and be bled via a slice in your arm vein.  Enemas and purgatives are the treatment of the day.  And the guy next to you on the ward will be coughing with tuberculosis.


Yeah, other than those little details, it's a smokin' deal!
Nikko Marasigan said…
agree its a deal but even if its a great deal you should stay fit and healthy that's a smokin deal! :)
Here, I do not really consider it will work.

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