Monday, September 12, 2011

Medicine Prices in 1900

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This looks like a pretty good deal.  Physicians in attendance, large, well ventilated rooms and food.  Medicine and nursing by caring nuns included.  All for $7-$10.00 a week.  If that is too expensive you can opt for a ward for $4-$6.00/week.

Of course, you will likely be prescribed arsenic and be bled via a slice in your arm vein.  Enemas and purgatives are the treatment of the day.  And the guy next to you on the ward will be coughing with tuberculosis.

3 comments: said...

Yeah, other than those little details, it's a smokin' deal!

Nikko Marasigan said...

agree its a deal but even if its a great deal you should stay fit and healthy that's a smokin deal! :)

palacio de la aljaferia said...

Here, I do not really consider it will work.

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