Plastic Surgeons Behaving Badly

What is it about "Patient Privacy" that some doctors don't understand?  A St. Louis, Mo. plastic surgeon is being sued by 5 patients after she posted "before" and "after" photos of their bare breasts and torsos on her website to show the benefits of their breast implants.  To make it worse, she also posted their full names with the photos and several of the women are prominent in their communities as lawyers, teachers and CPAs.  A google search of their names brings up the breast photos!

The lawsuit, which claims the plaintiff suffered shame, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety, nervousness...etc, is for $25,000.00.  An apology and a check from the doctor are in order.


Liz said…
hi toni: my fellow shrink and i have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. You can accept or not....details are here:
Toni Brayer, MD said…
Thank you very much. I accept and will post my award as soon as I get some writing energy
We make sure our doctor is a surgeon expert and is licensed before the surgery. It's always good to be cautious.
plastic surgeon said…
If these photos were purely taken on the basis of being an anonymous chest shot, then that'd be fine. But I can't see any professional reason for a surgeon to publish the names and details of their patients, that is just plain stupid.
ooze said…
very informative blog about plastic surgery Thank you so much for sharing.

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