EverythingHealth Anniversary

Thank you to loyal blog follower, KM, for this cute pic.  EverythingHealth is now getting over 4,000 page views a day from all over the globe.  That is just amazing to me and I have met so many wonderful bloggers over the past 5 years. I am fascinated by the power of the internet and how readily information can be found.

My goal of providing credible, up to date information without commercial content has guided me throughout these years.  I often forget my old posts until someone reminds me...then I am surprised all over again.  Researching and writing this blog keeps me on top of my game.

Thank you for visiting EverythingHealth.  Sign up on the right side for an alert and you will get a link for each new post.


Bruce said…
Congratulations Toni. Your successful, in my opinion, because you are a good writer and because you care about people. Isn't that the reason you provide us with such good content?
Where is the Party ? Well done , great blog
gradydoctor said…
Congratulations! You rock!
Way to go, Doc! This is the best medical blog on the internet.
Dr Paula said…
Congratulations Toni. Great blog!
All the best! Terrific blog.
Cary said…
Way to go, Dr. T! Congrats.
Eclinic said…
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