What is the Diagnosis?

Today's diagnostic challenge is from The New England Journal of Medicine and it is pretty straight forward.  Click on the image for a better view and make your diagnosis.  Check back tomorrow for the answer.

1.  Granulomatosis with polyangitis
2.  Lepromatous leprosy
3.  Neurofibromatosis type 1
4.  Sarcoidosis
5.  Tertiary syphilis

Don't be shy.  Post your guess in the comments section.


gradydoctor said…
Okay. I'll take a stab at it. Lepromatous Leprosy is my vote. Matter of fact, I'm pretty sure of it. Yeah. That's my final answer!
Abnormal Facies said…
I vote 2. That's leprosy if I've ever seen it (and I haven't)!
randi said…
Neutrophytosis? Look at the left eye. I believe leprosy includes some skin discoloration.
If it was Leprosy it would be all over the body so I thik its #4
Leprosy (#2) is my guess. Looks like photos I've seen in old medical textbooks.
KM said…
I guess #2 - leprosy
Anonymous said…
And the answer is.....?
farukosk said…
Very nicely explained. I’m a photographer too and I totally get what you mean. It’s also about leaving some “space” for our imagination to give us an impression, and to allow the ‘acurate details’ to become less important.

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