Diagnostic Challenge

Here is this weeks diagnostic challenge where readers of EverythingHealth can test their diagnostic skill.  This man had a mild headache, fatigue and tingling sensation, followed by this weepy rash.  His right eye also became blurry.  What is the diagnosis?  In this case I am not giving you any multiple choice answers.  Just make the diagnosis.

The Answer will be posted tomorrow.  Good luck

Image from consultant360


gradydoctor said…
Varicella Zoster Ophthalmicus (VZV in V1 Distribution) -- complicated by optic nerve involvement. There are vesicles on the tip of the nose--I think that's called Hutchison Sign (?) -- whatever it's called, that suggests that you need to immediately begin to freak out about optic nerve involvement.

My dos pesos!:)
pilgrim said…
has he had chicken pox? It sure looks like herpes zoster.
pilgrim said…
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Tenacious F said…
If he had chickenpox I would say Herpes Zoster. Makes me tingle and itch just to see the photo.

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