Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's Start With a Challenge

Re-entry after vacation can be hard so I'll start blogging by asking you to do the work with this New England Journal of Medicine challenge.  This patient was brought in by his parents for the odd discoloration on the top of his head.  What is the diagnosis?

1.  Congentital nevus
2.  Psoriasis
3.  Tuberous sclerosis
4.  Vitiligo
5.  Warrdenburg syndrome type II

Post your answer in the comments and I will post the answer tomorrow!


gradydoctor said...

I know Waardenburg Syndrome causes that hypo pigmented patch in front with blue eyes, so not that I don't think. I'm going with 1.Congential Nevus.

Welcome back. said...

Number 3

Anonymous said...

I think it is number 3

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