Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amazing Survival

Do you think anyone could survive such an injury?  This 24 year old construction worker in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil survived after a 6 foot metal; bar fell from above and pierced his scull right between the eyes.   And yes, he was wearing a hard hat!  He arrived at the hospital conscious and talking.

 The doctors performed a 5 hour surgery and pulled the metal bar out from the front of the skull in the same direction it had entered the brain.  So far, so good. The Brazilian doctors said he is lucid and showing no negative signs post op.

I would say he "dodged a bullet...or dodged a big bar" on this one.


Frank Irwin said...


KM said...

Looks like an INCREDIBLE MEDICAL MIRACLE!! Amazing that there was no vision, hearing, or mental or physical mobility impairment. Those surgeons are heroes in his case!!! Thanks Dr.Brayer for posting a hard to believe success showing not to give up hope.

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