Wednesday, August 22, 2012

EverythingHealth Favorite Summer Things

Ahhhh...Summer.  There are some things that are just so good...EverythingHealth wants to share them.  Now that Oprah is no longer around to share her favorite things, we will fill the void.  You may have some to add. Here are our Favorite Things for Summer:

Vitamix  -  It is not just a blender.  The Vitamix is one of the wisest investments you can make and it may just change your life.  Make smoothies, low fat ice cream, juice, sauces and salsa. Unlike a juicer, there is no pulp to waste.  All of that vegetable and fruit fiber stays with the drink and the combinations for green smoothies are amazing.  The best prices (and a cool demo) is at Costco.  After using it several times a day, our Vitamix failed the low speed.  One phone call to the company was all it took.  We had no receipt or warranty, but they said send it in. (and we really missed it that week)  It was returned good as new, no charge.  Now that is service!

Home Grown Vegetables - If you have sunshine and a deck or rooftop, you can grow your own vegetables.  Home grown organic tomatoes and zucchini are fool-proof.  Basil and lettuce are a cinch and not much space is needed.  Here is what can be done in just one  4X4 area.  It is so simple if you follow the steps in "All New Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholomew.  No digging, no tilling, no fertilizer.  All organic and healthy.

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Spray -  It's our new favorite.  It works even on wet skin and is waterproof.  Best of all, it is so cooling when you are exercising.

Vacation Time - It doesn't have to be exotic and even a "staycation" can be wonderful if you unplug and do something different.  Americans do not take enough vacation time...period.

A Good Book-  And what would a vacation be without a good summer read?  "Gone Girl" is great escapism...a modern marriage with a suspenseful twist that keeps you reading for hours.  Humans are so complex!

What are some of your favorite healthy things?


KM said...

There is a really refreshing healthy low calorie drink I made up the recipe for last week:

> One cup soda water, about 4-5 cubes of ice, one big juicy white peach and some WW vanilla protein smoothie mix.
> You can also mix with adding, (but not replacing the soda water) a cup 1% milk or fat free milk if you want to add more calories, but more refreshing the other way. Really really good and hardly any calories with the top one only the protein mix for 2 points.
> I get soda water with no sodium or sugar zero calories.

Great in a Vitamix

vansh said...

Yes I like it.This is really very healthy drink.I truly appreciate the content of your blog.

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