Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What is the diagnosis?

'This is a great diagnostic challenge from The New England Journal of Medicine.   Let's see if you can make the diagnosis.

1.  Bedbug bites
2.  Dermatitis herpetiformis
3.  Ecthyma
4.  Guttate psoriasis
5.  Lichen planus

Make your choice in the comments column.  The answer will be posted tomorrow.


bunji said...

Don't bedbug bites tend to show up in lines?

PSuflita (aka Patricia Wilson) said...

Bedbug bites. Final answer. Not even going for a lifeline :)

sherri said...

The arm looks exactly like my legs when I was bitten by bed bugs in a hotel back in Kansas. My answer: bedbug bites.

Roy said...

I think it is Lichen Planus

Anonymous said...

The patterning (linear strips) seems to be a clue. I will go with Guttate psoriasis with koebnerization.

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