EverythingHealth Diagnostic Challenge

Hello Readers,
This weeks Image Challenge from The New England Journal of Medicine is a good one.  Also it is pretty common.  The patients symptoms developed over a few hours and she came to the Emergency Room.  Is it:

1.  Angioedema
2.  Facial palsy
3.  Frey's syndrome
4.  Parotid adenoma
5.  Parotitis

 Make your best diagnosis in the comments section and the answer will be posted tomorrow.


Cary McNeal said…
I have no diagnosis, but I am wondering if Frey's syndrome is named after Glenn, and is a compulsion to write crappy music.
gradydoctor said…

Hope you're doing well. I always love that you post these.
KM said…
Facial palsy
Raymond B said…
My answer is #2 Facial Palsy.
Anonymous said…
I'm gonna go with angioedema

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