Monday, November 12, 2012

Subdural Hematoma-One Patient's Experience

This email came from one of my patients  this morning.

I read your blog about technology helping you and wanted to share this story with you. 
 My husband has had ongoing migraines for weeks that never really stopped. Meds at home were not working to control the pain. He was suffering and his docs recommended a trip to the ER for stronger meds to stop the headache.

Friday night we drove to the Hospital where they got him into a bed right away and soon did a CT scan. The scan showed a large subdural hematoma on the left of his brain. All his symptoms were attributable to the pressure being applied to his brain.

He underwent an emergency left temporal craniotomy on Saturday. The operation was successful, although the origin of the bleed  is not known. There had been no head trauma.

Today he said my name and tonight he was more lucid and wanted to watch 60 Minutes. He could see the wall clock at 6:55 and knew the show was about to begin. I hadn't even been aware of the TV on the wall. Amazing that he had brain surgery yesterday and was so alert tonight.

His neurosurgeon said he does 2-3 of these same procedures each week. This is much more common that I would have imagined.

Go to the ER for a headache, and end up getting emergency brain surgery! I am grateful beyond measure for CT scan imaging technology, radiation or no.

Oh, I used my iPhone  camera to capture an image of his hematoma from the computer screen as The doctor showed me the whole picture. Then we took that image to the bedside so that his doc could show him what I had seen. Really useful technology once again.

Much to be grateful for. And thank you for all that you write in support of patient care and wellness. 

For more information on Subdural Hematomas, see my prior blog post.

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