Saturday, December 8, 2012


Acquired Keratoderma
The answer to yesterdays image challenge is #2 - Keratoderma.  This scaly condition affects hands and feet and can be congenital (passed on by genes)  or acquired.  There is a yellowish thickening and scaling of the skin and deep fissures can occur.   There are a number of different types of inherited conditions that have keratoderma and they are difficult to treat.  

Hereditary Keratoderma
Acquired keratodermas can be caused by eczema, lichen planus, psoriasis, Reiter's syndrome, drugs, internal malignancy and AIDS.   Besides treating the underlying disorder, the keratoderma is treated with topical solutions (salicylic acid 5%, lactic acid 10%, urea 10-40%) and topical retinoids.  Ulraviolet A (PUVA) may be needed in severe cases.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Brayer,

I can't send you an email, so I'll post a question here ... I feel doctors are letting us down by not offering advice other than popping pills or surgery. For example, the women in all branches of my family have been going to conventional doctors for 120 years for debilitating migraines. All they have done for generations is issue pills. I did my own research and cured overwhelming migraines by cutting out food triggers. No doctor ever told us how to do this for five generations and yet it has proven to be the ultimate cure. Other example, I have a slight thyroid condition and again the doctor wanted to put me on pills for the rest of my life. I found several other women who reversed their thyroid condition by slowly increasing iodine in their diet, and removing things that inhibit iodine (like flouride toothpaste,raw cruciferous vegetables, etc) and slowly my lab results have now improved as well. On the one hand, I like how traditional medicine "has it's feet on the ground", on the other hand I find their thinking very limited. I am curious whether as a doctor you challenge yourself to think outside of the limitations of conventional medical training and if there is some ways of looking at things in conventional medicine that frustrate you as well?


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