I know what it's like
  to serve time under
  a sentence without 
    possibility of parole.

       To be given a diagnosis
  by a man in a white
  coat sitting high and
  mighty on his stool.

    No empathy in the 
sentencing, just
             You have broken the law
       of normal, you have

        such-and-such disease.
  Period.  A sentence
       and nothing more.  No
     semicolon.  No dash.

Would it kill him
       to be a bit more open-
         ended, to say I'm sorry,
  to touch my hand?

Adam Possner, MD
      JAMA, August 15, 2012


Anonymous said…
If physicians would treat people the way they want a family member, close friend or themselves to be treated the health care world would be much better.

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