What's the Diagnosis?

It's time for you to play doctor (or if you are a doctor, prove your skill) by making the correct answer on the  New England Journal of Medicine Image Challenge.  What does this patient have?

1.     Hand-foot-mouth disease
2.     Herpes simplex virus
3.     Herpes Zoster virus
4.     Folliculitis
5.     Scalded skin syndrome

Click on the image for a better view and post your answer in the comment section.  The diagnosis will be posted tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
I'm going to say #2 Herpes Simplex.
Anonymous said…
Doesn't look like scalded skin...
Simplex seems more vesicular...
HFM is IN the mouth, right?
Could be Zoster, but given that it seems to be IN the nose hair and the goatee hair, I'm going with folliculitis.

So #4

KM said…
I'm guessing Herpes Zoster
Mandy said…
Hand, foot and mouth Iv only heard about in young children. I think folliculitis is more spotty around follicles so I say this is eczema herpeticum due to herpes simplex.

Mandy said…
Eczema herpeticum due to herpes simplex???
Mandy said…
Eczema herpeticum due to herpes simplex????
Iv only ever heard of hand foot and mouth in young children and folliculitis as a spotty rash with pustules.
Mandy said…
Eczema herpeticum caused by herpes simple.

Hand foot and mouth Iv only ever heard of in small children. Folliculitis I think is spotty with pustules.

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