Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Image Challenge

In keeping with our GI theme this week, I present to you this image challenge from the New England Journal of Medicine.  This is a loop of bowel removed from a child from Kenya.  In case you aren't familiar with the appearance of bowel, I can tell you this is not normal.  What is the diagnosis?
Make your best guess in the comment section and I will post the answer tomorrow.

1.  Ascariasis
2.  Kala-azar
3.  Meckel's diverticulum
4.  Strongyloidiasis
5.  Trichobezoar

Click on the Image for a better view and go for it!


Raymond Bouchayer said...

number 5

Anonymous said...

I think it is #2. Great photo.

KM said...

My guess is number 3

Essante organics said...

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