Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blogger Malaise

For the past few weeks I have experienced Blogger Malaise.  This is a little different than writers block.  I have had a number of subjects swirl through my head that I thought would be of interest, but had no motivation to translate them into a thoughtful blog.  As each day went by I made excuses not to do the research and writing.  I even started feeling a little sorry for myself and wondered if I should even continue blogging.

It didn't take much to re-inspire me, however.  I got an email from an old patient I haven't seen or heard from in years who mentioned a blog that helped her tremendously. (Thanks, Lynn).  Today at a management meeting I got unsolicited, kind,  blogging feedback from people I seldom see. (Thanks, Shaun, Richard and Susan).  And my stats show that even without writing for the past couple of weeks, I still had 2700 page views yesterday so I realized people are reading the blog and, hopefully, getting something from it.

That is all I need as a health blogger.  People ask me what I get out of this and I truthfully say I want to share information and help readers think about new things.  If I can inspire someone to get a check-up, a needed test or even self diagnose and save themselves money and time, I believe I have done a service.  If they learn something about our crazy health system that helps them with decision making, I am happy.  If they see the world differently or realize that everyone is facing some type of challenge, I have succeeded.

Blogging keeps my mind sharp and as Shaun (a communication expert) said today "Mindful blogging is darn hard".  It is.  But it's fun too.

Thanks for reading.   (Insert happy face here!)


Dr Paula said...

Blogger Malaise must be contagious. Could you share the "cure" with me? Thanks for all the work you put into creating this informative blog.

Anonymous said...

I've been impressed with the quality of your writing and the quantity. It's OK to take a little break. glad to continue reading Everything Health.

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