What is the Diagnosis?

Today's image challenge from the New England Journal of Medicine is a tough one.  Full disclosure - I missed it.  (bragging rights: I usually get about 99% right) 

This patient had acupuncture to the area and developed these lesions.  What is the diagnosis?
1.  Herpetic whitlow
2.  Nummular eczema
3.  Psoriasis
4.  Ringworm
5.  Scabies

Click on the image for a closer view and make your diagnostic guess in the comment section. The winner gets a free subscription to EverythingHealth.   Check back tomorrow for the answer! 


Anonymous said…
Whatever it is ...it's not good I'd see a Doctor Pronto , in the meatime I'll go for # 2
Anonymous said…
Fortunate for your patients you get 99% right.
That does not look good , what ever it is I would run to the Doctor pronto, but I am going foer # 2 ..... if not is one of the other
KM said…
I guess #1. Herpetic whitlow
Jonus Fox said…
I'm thinking scabies here.
Anonymous said…
I am thinking scabies here.
Dr.Redwanul Huq said…
It is Herpetic whitlow

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