Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ignore these 15 Obamacare Myths

I've pulled my head up from frantic medical work just in time to give faithful readers 15 Myths that are being spread about Obamacare.  I have been first to admit that the government has done a lousy job of explaining the plan and it is no wonder the Tea Party has had a field day with mis-information.  But now that sign-ups for the Exchanges are open to the uninsured and under-insured population, these are the lies you should avoid:
  1. Congress is "Exempt" from the Affordable Care Act  
  2. Premium prices will increase due to Health Care Law
  3. The Affordable Care Act includes death panels
  4. Shutting down Government over Obamacare funding will stop the Health Care Law
  5. The ACA is "socialized medicine" and a "government takeover"
  6. People will be able to commit subsidy fraud on the Exchanges
  7. Obamacare "Narrow Networks" will constrain health choices
  8. The Affordable Care Act is bad for women
  9. The Affordable Care Act covers abortions
  10. The Affordable Care Act is a job killer
  11. With full access to medical records, the IRS will discriminate against conservatives
  12. Navigators will abuse private information
  13. Obamacare mandates doctors to ask patients about sexual history
  14. The Medicaid expansion will force doctors to turn away patients
  15. Obamacare is to blame for a projected 30 million people who will remain uninsured.
There is plenty to be mad at the government about.  The fact that the Tea Party has literally shut down government is atrocious and bad for mankind and bad for business.  Obamacare isn't the problem.  it isn't a perfect law but it is the same act the GOP came up with during the Bush years and it is a (minor) step in the right direction.

If you want to learn more...go here.

Aren't you glad I'm back with facts and the truth? 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this timely information to help sort through the truth with all this happening now. Was hoping you would write on this to clarify and simplify the ACA and Obama Care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this timely information to help sort through the truth with all this happening now. Was hoping you would write on this to clarify and simplify the ACA and Obama Care.

Mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

Have missed your posts and am especially pleased to get this one. I immediately shared it on FB.

Mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

I have missed your posts and am especially pleased to see today's. I immediately shared it on FB.

Cary McNeal said...

Thanks, Dr. T. I am perpetually amazed at not only the number of lies that some people will tell to get their way, but the number of people who are willing to believe those lies.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. It is really helpful as I have found it so confusing so far.

Brit said...

Just one little point on #2. I did get a notification from my insurance company recently informing me that my premium will be going up, almost double.

Toni Brayer, MD said...

Brit: ObamaCare ends discrimination against women by the insurance industry and eliminates "prior condition" underwriting abuses. It does not control what insurance companies can charge policyholders. Hopefully, more competition and the ability to get insurance on exchanges will bring fair market competition into it but, frankly, insurance companies have been gouging us for years and continue to do so.

PPLIC said...

It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

That post was from October 1st. What do you think now (Nov 9th)? Would you please attach some kind of citation or supporting documentation to support your claims? I have not heard of a couple of them but certainly if you look a bit down the road and stop buying the Administration pablum many of them are quite possible, if not probable.

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