Sunday, December 8, 2013

Things Doctors Do (That Normal People don't)

I have been too swamped to blog recently on EverythingHealth, spending lots of time with my physician colleagues (as well as patients).  I realized that doctors are really not normal when it comes to a few things.  Here is a list of things doctors do that normal people don't.  You may have more to add!
  1. Eat standing up, while walking or while charting on patients
  2. Take expired medication (we know that expiration date is phony)
  3. Work hard-core, even when sick
  4. Don't get regular check-ups
  5. Cannot watch doctor TV shows (House is especially intolerable)
  6. Freely discuss body functions at dinner.  Nothing is off limits
  7. Silently diagnose medical conditions on strangers.  No lump or rash goes unnoticed.
  8. Combine vacations with work
  9. When we shake hands, think "Oh, that's a nice vein"
  10. When our child is hemorrhaging, we can fix anything with steri-strips
  11. Seldom use antibiotics on ourselves or family
  12. Listen to lectures and medical information while commuting
  13. Take suitcases full of journals to catch up on when on vacation
  14. Carry stethoscope, and full medical supplies in our trunk because "you never know"
  15. Seldom take vitamins or supplements
I'm sure I'll hear from my nurse and doctor readers, or spouses of medical people if I got something wrong. 


Raymond Bouchayer said...

That is not right ...... Seat and eat a good lunch with a glass of wine ...take a nap ...a light dinner with a glass...or two of wine and cuddle with your love one. ...... and take natural vitamins as our food is poisoned by Monsanto

BLambHall said...

Gosh, I guess I was a doc and didn't know it!! ;) Seriously...would you say doctors as a group are more or less healthy than the public as a whole? Thanks for post; like the humor!


Steve said...

Great stuff, Toni. I might also add ( and the data backs this up)
Much less likely to demand/ use extraordinary measures to prolong life when terminally ill.

Michael Kirsch, M.D. said...

Skip colonoscopies?

Siri said...

love the list... could add a few more:

answer medical questions from friends (mostly with a smile)

have tough conversations with patients and familes on a regular basis - and it never gets easier

deal with the craziness that is health care financing while trying to get your patients the care that they need...

I LOVE working with my physician colleagues - they are professional and dedicated and bring us all back to the right questions: what's the best thing for the patient

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