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Imagine my surprise to see a new fancy red scrolling widget on the right side of my blog that said "Days since Barack Obama has visited Iraq". The hours and minutes were changing (much like the one I placed that highlights the price of addiction to foreign oil). When I clicked on the image it took me to ""...a republican site with lots of republican agendas.

Although it is really hard for me, I try to keep EverythingHealth non-political. There is good and bad with both political parties in the United States and politics itself is a pretty dirty, unhealthy business. But I am upset that hackers were able to get into my blog and actually post something on the template. Wow. Is nothing sacred?

I was able to remove the red widget. Everything else on my site is approved and I always appreciate controversial comments. I have never removed a comment.

But no more GOP propaganda, PLEASE.


Unknown said…
hi doc, u have a very interesting blog certanly i read u again
bye from an italian male nurse
Anonymous said…
It might be your neighbor. A network guy demonstrated to me how easy it was for a neighbor to get onto my network and watched my every move without me ever knowing about it. If you have any virus and spyware protection software installed, you may want to have minimize the number of open ports on your computer system. Spy ware protection and virus software open up ports, thus make you more vulnerable.

Hope this helps.
Vance said…
It wasn't I.

Since my blog is not purely medical, I do throw in some politics. I suspect you and I differ on some points, though I am amazed at how many we agree upon (mainly from the doctor angle).

I have not had anyone hijack my template (as far as I know). Thanks for the heads up.
ERP said…
How the hell did they get the widgit on your site????
Anonymous said…
It is actually pretty easy this day and age to get info from peoples computers. I talk to people every day that work at home on wireless networks, who have no idea that every bit of info they send or receive on the internet can be received by people who have less than good intentions. It takes no special equipment to accomplish this task, just a normal laptop.

Not long ago there was a news story about a store chain (Ross I think) that had been using encrypted wireless networks in all of their stores. I believe a couple hundred thousand credit card numbers were stolen. Someone cruised through their parking lot, got into their network, and helped themselves to the treasure contained within. This stuff happens every day in normal neighborhoods. Thieves no longer need access to your house to steal from you.

Don't believe it? Go out and get an iPhone, set it to "Ask to Join Networks", then take a slow drive through your neighborhood. I bet you find at least a few unsecured wireless networks, and prob twice as many secured. Even the secured ones can be broken in a matter of minutes...if the person is smart enough to get in, then chances are they are smart enough to get FULL access to your PC...and everything stored on it.

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