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Addiction to Tanning

According to the Archives of Dermatology, there are people who are addicted to indoor tanning.  That journal reported on a study of 421 University students in the northeastern United States.  Using self-reported questionnaires, they screened for alcoholism and substance use as well as anxiety and depression.  They also had a questionnaire about addiction to indoor tanning. 

If you are scratching your head (as I was) please know there is a medically accepted criteria known as CAGE (cut down, annoyed, guilty, eye-opener) that correlates with addiction so they used this for "addiction" to indoor tanning also.  They found that more of the kids who met the criteria for addiction to indoor tanning also had greater anxiety, greater use of alcohol, marijuana and other substances.  Depression didn't seem to go with the tanners or the non-tanners.

The researchers concluded that students who are addicted to indoor tanning may also have other addictions and psychologic disturbances.

My 2¢ is that this is a pretty absurd study and I wonder who funded it.  I have never met anyone who is addicted to indoor tanning, nor have I known any person with anxiety or a substance abuse problem who simply must be tan!  Do some researchers have too much funding and too much idle time on their hands?

Should we call this the George Hamilton Syndrome?


xyzseira said…
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tracy said…
Eeeeeeew, just, eeeeeeeew.
KM said…
They look like discolored action figures who might have been painted. There hair also looks very fake. The ugliness of fakeness.
John said…
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tracy said…
Dr. Brayer,
Do these people posting their ad's here bug you as much as they do me?

Advertise on you own blogs!
tracy said…
Ahhhhh, you don't HAVE your own blogs....amkes sense.
Toni Brayer, MD said…
tracy: these are spammers who place comments on blogs to get links to their own. I delete them when I feel like it and yes they are annoying.
tracy said…
Thank you for your response, Dr. Brayer! :)
witty_kitty said…
I am not a fan of tanning and appreciate what this blog has to say, but I have to comment on the photo.

The two in the picture are competitive weight lifters. Before a weigh lifting show, competitors slap on 2 or 3 coats of a shiny tanning agent. All competitive weigh lifters do this because the shine highlights their muscles and every angle that would not be seen otherwise on stages with bright lights. The women in the picture is in her competition costume, so I'm betting this is not what either of them looks like on an everyday basis.

I have a friend who is a competitive weight lifter. He and his wife look exactly like this during competitions, but neither tans at all. He tells me it comes right off in the shower and is used solely for the purpose of the competition to show muscle tone and definition.
Toni Brayer, MD said…
witty kitty: thanks for the good information.
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