Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Health Simplified

You can't do anything about your genes but here is the formula for good health...simplified:

0           Cigarettes
          Servings Fruits and Vegetables a Day
10         Minutes of Silence or Relaxation a Day
30         Body Mass Index below 30
150       Minutes of Exercise a week    

You knew this already...but are you really doing it?


Anonymous said...

What does the 10 minutes of silence or relaxation do?

WarmSocks said...

Luck. Your forgot that one.
Lots of it.

Anonymous said...

I don't what the scientific answer to 10 minutes of silence but I find that just thinking about myself and the plan of action I'm taking that day without any outside influence helps me focus on myself. In fact I spend about an hour just thinking. That seems like alot but if you realize how much we are bombarded by junk that attempts to lead us astray with TV radio, the internet and billboards it's not a very long time.

My bloodsugar will fluctuate based on my body weight. I way my self every morning. If my weight is above 153 my bsl will be over 150. If I way between 146-150 my bsl will be between 120 ane 135. If I weight blow 145 my bsl will below 120.

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