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Ten Commandments For the Office Christmas Party

EverythingHealth offers sage advice to keep you healthy...both physically and mentally over the holidays.  The office or hospital Christmas party can be a treacherous place.  Observe these tips:

1.  Don't Get Toasted- A drink or two is fine and festive.  But when the booze flows freely so does the mouth and attitude.  Don't drink too much and regret (or worse yet..wonder) what you said or did with your co-workers.
2.  Don't Get Too Cozy- If you observe #1,  there will be less likelihood that you will get into trouble with that co-worker, nurse, boss, married man or make inappropriate remarks to the receptionist in the short skirt.  Remember it is still the workplace on Monday.
3.  Don't Give Bad Gifts- People will remember if your Secret Santa gift was a dud.  Do not recycle what was given to you and try to chose wisely.  It doesn't have to be expensive to be classy.  Avoid clothing and make sure you aren't giving Champagne to a Mormon.
4.  Don't Dance Crazy-  This isn't Soul Train or Dancing with the Stars.  You know what I mean.  Remember rule #1
5.  Don't Over-Eat- Make a point to hang out on the other side of the room from the buffet table.  Try to eat something first so you aren't starved and be conscious of how much you are eating.  It's easy to pack away some serious calories unconsciously.
6.  Don't Ignore People-This is the time to get to know someone you see all the time but barely know.  Mingle with people who aren't in your department and spend time with everyone, not just your pals or the bosses.
7.  Don't Wear Inappropriate Clothes-The goofy Santa tie is OK but remember it will be in every photo.  Red and Green are really awkward colors together.  Are you sure you want to wear them?
8.  Don't Dominate the Boss-Polite greetings to the boss and his/her spouse are perfect but if you are hanging with them the entire evening you will be ignoring rule #6.  Make sure the boss knows your name,  but he probably doesn't want to develop a close relationship at this party.
9.  Don't Bring Strangers as Guests - Usually these parties are for the staff and spouses.  It is quite fine to go alone and it is hard to integrate a blind date or a casual acquaintance to the office scene without making everyone uncomfortable.
10:  Don't talk about Drugs, Sex, Politics, Religion or Co-Workers -  You know why.

The Holidays are a time of celebration and relaxation.  The Office Party can be a great place to unwind and have fun.  It can also be a disaster.  Observe these commandments and make it fun.


stop smoking help said…
Nice list. Yep, it's funny how everything revolves around rule #1. Can't tell you how many off campus parties were almost ruined because of that violation.

You know how hospital people are...give them free food or free booze and watch out!
Anonymous said…
OMG these are such good suggestions and I've seen almost every one violated in the past. Drinking certainly does impact many of the others. Very funny.
Sal Casley said…
This is such a timely tip, now that a lot of company Christmas parties are to be held. In fact, we will soon be joined by some dentist (Lakeland, Florida-based) as our boss's guests. It would be funny to drink and be drunk with a lot of professionals around you. And who knows, maybe the dentists in Lakeland, FL are common friends; well, Lakeland is small for industries.
Anonymous said…
Watching the cleavage plunge to not being so low that people get the wrong idea and think you are being suggestive, unprofessional, or inappropriate for a hospital or office party. Don't want to look like it is a cleavage competition as far as who is trying to win for the sexiest. Being tasteful and having class is always better.
Gosh, there is so much useful data above!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kelai said…
This is really one of the great blog I've ever read regarding on the do's and don'ts when you're into celebrating company's Christmas party. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Now we will be aware of what will be our attitude in the party.

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