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Prevention is Key for West Nile Virus

The end of August is West Nile Virus season in the United States and this year has been a bad one with the most reported infections and deaths from the disease.  By August 30 there were a total of 1,590 cases nationally with 66 deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  That is a 40% rise in just one week!

 For West Nile Virus, birds are the vector.  Mosquitoes who bite infected birds can  pass the virus on to humans.  The virus is amplified over the summer in bird populations and hotter than normal temperatures this summer may be a factor in the increased cases we are seeing this year.  It is not spread by human-to-human contact or from other animals to humans.
West Nile Virus is spread by the bite of an infected Northern House Mosquito (Culex pipiens). It was first discovered in 1999 and since that time over 30,000 people have been sickened by the disease.  According to the CDC, 75% of this year’s serious cases have been reported from 5 states (Texas, Louisiana, So…

EverythingHealth Favorite Summer Things

Ahhhh...Summer.  There are some things that are just so good...EverythingHealth wants to share them.  Now that Oprah is no longer around to share her favorite things, we will fill the void.  You may have some to add. Here are our Favorite Things for Summer:

Vitamix  -  It is not just a blender.  The Vitamix is one of the wisest investments you can make and it may just change your life.  Make smoothies, low fat ice cream, juice, sauces and salsa. Unlike a juicer, there is no pulp to waste.  All of that vegetable and fruit fiber stays with the drink and the combinations for green smoothies are amazing.  The best prices (and a cool demo) is at Costco.  After using it several times a day, our Vitamix failed the low speed.  One phone call to the company was all it took.  We had no receipt or warranty, but they said send it in. (and we really missed it that week)  It was returned good as new, no charge.  Now that is service!

Home Grown Vegetables - If you have sunshine and a deck or rooftop,…

Amazing Survival

Do you think anyone could survive such an injury?  This 24 year old construction worker in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil survived after a 6 foot metal; bar fell from above and pierced his scull right between the eyes.   And yes, he was wearing a hard hat!  He arrived at the hospital conscious and talking.

 The doctors performed a 5 hour surgery and pulled the metal bar out from the front of the skull in the same direction it had entered the brain.  So far, so good. The Brazilian doctors said he is lucid and showing no negative signs post op.

I would say he "dodged a bullet...or dodged a big bar" on this one.

Drug Seeking Patients

Chronic pain and how to treat it  is a big topic in the medical world right now.  In one study, 39% of patients coming to the Emergency Department with pain reported an underlying chronic pain syndrome.  Prescription drug seekers can overlap with patients who have true acute pain and need relief.  We want to provide pain relief, yet we know that many of these prescription drugs get diverted and used for non-medical conditions. 

After marijuana, prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs of 12th graders.  More than cocaine, meth or other drugs that we worry about,  kids are getting into their parents medicine cabinet.   These prescriptions are getting into the wrong hands.

 Doctors and pain clinic owners in three states were charged today with distributing prescription drugs in Kentucky, an area that is rampant with abuse.  One doctor prescribed more than 125,000 Oxycodone pills from September 2006 until July 2011.  And in Florida, several doctors were arrested this week fo…

Nutrition Labels May Be Wrong

I eat a handful of almonds a day because they are "healthy fat" and the crunch and taste are so good.  But I have always wondered about the caloric intake and how it might adversely effect my constant focus on weight loss.  I am happy to report on a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that shows what we thought we knew about almonds and their effect on weight may be all wrong.

The objective of the study was to determine the energy value of almonds in the human diet and compare it with the value calculated from prior known measures known as "Atwater factors".  The Atwater system has been used for over 100 years and nutritionists and government labeling of foods have depended upon it to predict fat digestibility, heat combustion and caloric content of foods.   The Atwater measurements have influenced the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and this reference is used to report on  protein, fat and carbohydrates contained i…

Thanks for the Honor

I was honored to be the featured Doctor this month in San Francisco Medicine,  the publication from the San Francisco Medical society.  It is a good interview.  Read it here