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Tick Paralysis

We spotted a Coyote in our backyard, laying near some outdoor lawn chairs.  When we approached she did not jump up and run, as would be expected, but attempted to crawl up the side of the yard.  She was clearly unable to walk and did not respond like a wild animal would.

We called our local wildlife rescue ( and they immediately responded, threw a sheet over the animal to keep her calm and took her to the rescue facility.  A vet examined her and found she was a young female and was covered in ticks.  Tests were done and the diagnosis was Tick Paralysis.

Tick Paralysis rarely affects humans but it is well known in dogs, sheep, horses, pigs and other animals when a feeding tick produces a neurotoxin. It is most common in the Spring from April to June. The toxin travels through the lymph system and can affect respiration, vocal cords, limbs and results in inability to walk.  It is fatal, usually due to respiratory failure.

The incidence in humans is unknown and…