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When to Use Urgent Care

We all know that Emergency Departments are over-crowded with long waits and exorbitant fees.  Free standing Urgent Care is a great solution for getting immediate care that won't break the bank.
Most are open after hours and on weekends and they provide a good and needed service for urgent small problems.

The key word here is "Small".  Or said another way; "Minor".   Most Urgent Care facilities are staffed by one or two nurses.  They can provide minimal immediate testing and sometimes a quick Xray.  They work with protocols to treat simple problems.  They can give immunizations and do rapid strept tests.  They can check urine for pregnancy or infection.  They can treat a new cough. They can remove splinters, tape a broken toe and treat a rash.  These are minor problems for most people and do not need to be seen in an Emergency Department.  The best place is your doctor's office but Urgent Care is a good alternative.

It's hard to know what is "minor…